Every building requires a foundation and without foundation, there is actually no building, but foundations differ. The kind of building determines the kind of foundation that will be laid thus the foundation of a bungalow will sure be different from that of a sky scrapper. The time required, the strength and expertise put in place for building a sky scrapper will be different from that of the bungalow. If a bungalow and a sky scrapper were to commence at the same time, the bungalow will be completed and would even have occupant already while the sky scrapper is still in process.

See! If you understand that your ministry, business, vision, the goal ought to be a sky scrapper, something outstanding, you will not be in a hurry to show it to the world rather you will keep investing your time, resources laying the foundation so it can carry it without collapsing… So many young dreams, ministries, visions are collapsing because they were in a hurry so the foundation was not properly laid… There is no way the foundation of a bungalow can carry a sky scrapper there will be a collapse.

Be patient; take your time to lay the appropriate foundation for the design in your heart. The world will celebrate you. See you at the top.




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