A harlot is a person who professes love as long as there is something to gain. She does not commit to a man no matter how much the man loves her. The day the gain she gets from the man cease, she almost immediately looks for another man to satisfy her needs which are mostly material and physical. She always has an alternative plan in her heart in every relationship she enters.

How painful to discover that this attitude has crept into the sanctuary and it has become the lifestyle of many professing Christianity.  You see people who come to God professing love but the love is base on what God can offer them. The love only lasts as long as God keeps blessing them with money, cars and material things. The day God decided to withhold his blessings as a test to prove the authenticity of their love, the relationship with God dies; they abandon Him and even go as far as cursing him in their heart.

But God is looking for faithful brides, people who would love and seek Him because He is God. People who would commit and stick to him whether it is rosy or tough, seekers who would seek the God that blesses not seek only the blessing that God gives. People that would follow all the way; people whose strength and confidence is in God alone. God is looking for sincere seekers in the sanctuary, I pray He finds you. Be a faithful bride.

Heaven Bound, Earthly Useful

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