As a little girl, I really loved going to the river but since I could not swim, I would always stay at the bank to play. One particular day I went, as usual, stayed at my usual spot “the bank” then a more matured swimmer saw me and called me on me to come deeper into the water.  He came towards the bank and guided me gradually into the deep part of the river. As I began to go deeper, I observed that the water was becoming more clean and clear as compared to the one at the bank. At that spot, I tried completely immersing myself in the water a technique he taught me; it was a beautiful sight to behold.

As you come into the kingdom of God through the blood of His son Jesus Christ at salvation, you will begin to enjoy some kingdom benefit. But there are some things you will never access in the kingdom if you remain in that place just like staying at the bank of the river. To enjoy the fullness of God and His Kingdom, You must deliberately press into the deep. The Holy Spirit is our supreme guide into the deep; allow him to lead you into it.  Most times we just limit him to speaking in tongues, there is more allow the Holy Spirit to guide you there. God wants you and I to come into the deep, a place where you get a better experience of Him, a place where revelation about Him becomes clearer.

Today, prayerfully yield in absolute surrender to the Holy Spirit to lead you into the deep and as you do never forget to share your experience to inspire the next person.

Heaven Bound, Earthly Useful

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