Looking around I searched for things that would satisfy the inner craving of my soul. The hunger inside was so deep; I knew a vacuum was inside and I needed to fill the void I felt inside. Then the world offered me money to fill the void within, I wholly accepted, made all the money bought all money could buy but the void and emptiness were still inside. The world offered drugs, I ran towards it, used them but once the effect cleared, I felt the emptiness come again. Again the world offered women, party, fashions just name it, I tried them all but I could not find the satisfaction for my soul. I was left alone with my thought, I continued in my search until I found the one thing that truly satisfies my soul actually a person. He came as a light into my soul, redeemed my soul with his blood, established his throne in my heart and with a shout of joy I now can JESUS IS THE ONLY SATISFACTION FOR MY SOUL                                 

         Everyone got this silent desperate cry on the inside, behind the beauty, wealth and intelligence lays a well of dissatisfaction and emptiness, sometimes it gets so loud as to make you feel frustrated and useless. The longer you suppress it the louder it gets. Jesus is the answer to the soul cry, come to him delay no longer.


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