Reading through scriptures and listening to teachers of the word, I realized that the decision a man makes concerning any aspect of his life whether at work or in course of carrying out his God’s given assignment goes a long way to affect his wife and children even when they are not aware of it.

Ahab was a man on assignment. He went to battle along with other men as the bible records but after the battle, he saw a Babylonish garment which he coveted, collected and decided to keep. This singular act brought defeat to God’s children and they ran back to God for help. After much investigation as instructed by God, Ahab was discovered and he was made to face punishment for his actions. But you see Ahab did not face the punishment alone, both his wife and children were punished alongside. Let’s see another instance

Daniel as the bible records was a man who had fellowship with God but certain of his colleague ‘men’ were not pleased. They plotted against him and he was thrown into the lion’s den, God delivered him and the plot of those men was discovered. The exposure of their plot brought punishment upon them. But you see not only the men were thrown inside the lion’s den, but both wives and children were also thrown alongside.  These men made the decision at work probably without the consent of their wives but when the punishment came the wives were not excused. The story goes on and on, the bottom line is every decision a man makes especially at work has consequences on his family whether positive or negative.

Having come to this understanding as a wife, what do you do? Should you just keep quiet and watch leaving your family to chance to know the man is the head of the family… My dear sister No, pray for his decision-making process. You may not go to work with him but God will always be with him. Ask God to help him make the right decision always. When tempted ask God to help him decide to do right. When friends bring enticing proposals ask God to help him decide to do right. Always pray for your husband’s decision; uphold him in the place of prayer as he goes out each day… Remember his decision will affect you and your kids so ask God to always help him in the process of decision making… As you do, your home will be heaven on earth

Heaven bound, Earthly Useful.


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