Beautiful butterfly

The butterfly is one creature beautiful to behold. It has widespread wings with so many colors that are attractive to the eyes, but the butterfly did not start that way, it grew to become that. The beautiful butterfly starts as a small, round insignificant egg that nobody even recognizes or takes note of. It then hatches into a caterpillar. At this stage, it feeds very well so that it can grow and gain full weight to enter the pupa stage.

The pupa stage is the resting stage as seen by the outside world but actually inside this is the stage the butterfly mature fully. Every feature it needs to live a successful adult life is developed at this stage and once this stage is complete; a beautiful butterfly is birthed and presented to the world. Our life’s goal, dream, purpose, ministry, and call can be likened to this beautiful butterfly. Oftentimes, they are laid in our heart as tiny eggs, no one sees it except you, and no one recognizes it or even appreciates you except you. It is now left for you to nurse that dream and let it grow or bury it with the sand of fear. But if you decide to let it grow that tiny egg in your heart will soon become a caterpillar.

The caterpillar feeds a lot so feed your dream, goal, ministry with relevant knowledge and information pertaining to it- read about it, learn about it and submit to be mentored by those doing it already, gain enough weight so that your dream, goal, and ministry can enter the pupa stage. The caterpillar is visible but it is not complete, most people assume that the caterpillar is mature but it is not, there is still much development for it to undergo. The point is; the fact that others are beginning to recognizes that goal or ministry is not a sign of maturity but a sign that you need to enter the next stage of development. Take time to mature, develop and apply principles pertaining to that field you desire to enter. Note the world may not see the change in you now keep developing, learning and growing that dream to become a solution to the world. Finally break out from the pupa stage and present it to the world, let the world celebrate you; don’t hold your dream back from the world. Present it to the world as a beautiful butterfly.





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