I thought he loved me when he kissed me when his hand touched me I thought it was love. Just as Jacob’s porridge tasted nicely in Esau’s mouth not knowing that his inheritance was the price so you made me felt nicely not knowing my integrity was the price, not knowing you were a cage meant to trap meant drag my soul to hell. I soon realized you were not good enough and I opted for another not knowing I was jumping from the frying pan to fire. I was broken when you dumped me like a used rag, my self-esteem was crushed, I felt empty, lonely, and suicidal thought became my best friend. Questions kept ringing in my head; who will accept someone like me? Who would ever love a flawed person like me? No answer came forth, I was all alone.

Then one glorious day, light shone into my heart, my eyes were opened to see the most beautiful personality Jesus standing before me with open arms. With his hand reaching out to me, he lifted me up, washed me with his blood, took away my garment of shame and clothed me with a royal robe. O hallelujah, I was restored, renewed, love flowed into my heart from his heart and no more was I broken. He made the once broken lady a royal princess in the family of God.

Today I tell you, my dear friend, no matter how broken, battered you think you are, Jesus can put all the pieces of your life together. Give him a chance.

Heaven Bound, Earthly Useful


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