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Are you in the teaching profession? Or are you a Corp Member posted to serve as a teacher and you did not like it? This book is for you. When I was posted to serve as a teacher, I frowned and kicked against it; but at last, it was a thrilling experience for you and in this book; I will be sharing with you some valuable tips you need to know as a teacher.

The Life of A teacher is a book written to encourage all serving Corpers of the Country to see teaching as the noblest course of all, this book is aimed to open the eyes of every reading corps member to see the limitless opportunities waiting to be tapped in teaching. I wrote this mini-book not to castigate other arms or sectors where corps members are being posted to, but I write such that should in case anyone reading this is posted to teach in schools, they shouldn’t feel dejected or worthless. The platform of teaching if harnessed well is a path filled with treasures.


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